Parole Advisers NZ was formed because parole in New Zealand is one of the most difficult challenges that a prisoner faces, but there is no formalised help or advice for those who go before the board. Our co-founder Phil went to prison and felt completely adrift when it came to his parole. Together with his partner Kathryn, who was a lawyer, they spent over 200 hours preparing for his board and was granted parole on his first attempt and released 3 years early. During that preparation they learned the ins and outs of the parole board and felt that almost all prisoners were being disadvantaged by not having a professional, knowledgeable, affordable and accessible parole advisor.

Together they formed Parole Advisers NZ in 2018, and helped our first client to get his first board in December 2018.

If you feel like a professional parole advisor could help you then please get in contact with us.

Disclaimer: Please Read.

Parole Advisers NZ makes no guarantee that you will get parole, on any occasion. We cannot be held liable if you fail to be granted parole. We cannot replace your parole lawyer, nor do we recommend you don't get one. We reserve the right to terminate the contract and provide a partial or full refund for any reason. We do not tolerate threats or abuse and will take action, if we deem necessary, whether that is to Corrections or the Police.

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